I started at KDInfotech (KDI) last March in a Junior Desktop Support role. Thanks to the environment and the camaraderie that KDI offers, the time has flown by. I already felt welcome and like I was a part of the team on the day of my interview, and once I finished it I knew that I wanted to work here. KDI does more than just offer a job, they offer opportunities, growth, and learning.

So far, the team that I get to work with every day has taught me so much more than I knew when I started. Any time there is a support ticket or a project that I am having trouble with, the team is always there to help me out and point me in the right direction. It is a great thing to be surrounded by people who are so knowledgeable in their field. During video calls or weekly meetings I sit back and try to absorb as much information as I can from everyone who is explaining what they are working on. The team here is an incredible resource for me to learn from.

Apart from everything that the KDI team has already taught me, they also have given me more tools to take the learning into my own hands. They offer an online training platform that has a multitude of videos ranging in difficulty from the beginner, junior level to the advanced, senior level. KDI puts a huge spotlight on employee learning and growth. In addition to the guidance from coworkers and the learning from videos, KDI offers growth and learning within your current position. For example, I have only been with the company since March of this year as a junior level employee, and in that time they have asked me if I would like to take charge of rolling out a new Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution company-wide. They gave me an opportunity to learn from a new experience, and I jumped at the chance.

These new opportunities are one way that KDI helps you to reach your future career goals. My goal for my future career at KDI is to transfer over to a DevOps position. I would like to move up from the junior level by the time I graduate or sooner, and then transition into DevOps if there is an open position. I am currently going to school for computer science with a concentration in programming, so my long term career goal is to get into a position that allows me to program and write code, and I think that a DevOps position at KDI would help me achieve that.

Currently, however, I am working in a desktop support role. Every day is different in desktop support. You never know what ticket will show up into the queue that day. A typical day for me starts between 8:00am and 8:30am. The main client I support is a couple hours ahead of our time zone, so it gives me more time to interact with them if I start earlier. In desktop support, my main focus is on any tickets that a user submits. I do my best to find a solution for whatever their issue is, but I have plenty of help from the rest of the team if it is something outside the scope of my abilities. Just like any job, there are slow days and busy days for tickets. When the queues slow down, I always try to fill my time with other projects. Lately, I have been spending much of my time working on rolling out the MDM solution when I am not busy with a ticket. If I ever completely run out of things to do, I can always turn to the training videos and learn something new. Occasionally, I will get to go to a client’s site and assist with a project or setting up some new equipment. Going on-site is one of my favorite parts of my current position. I really enjoy getting to know the clients that we support and seeing their workspaces and equipment.

I am still fairly new to KDI and I have a lot left to learn, but I am looking forward to it. I am excited for all that KDI has to offer me, and I plan to take every opportunity that I am given. I hope to get everything that I can out of working here, and I hope to give just as much back. 

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