Ken Farnham

Executive Officer
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Ken Farnham is a founder and Executive Officer of KDI. Ken has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of IT operations. Starting in desktop support in the late 90's Ken quickly ascended through the ranks eventually running IT departments in various verticals such as Digital Marketing, Finance, Legal, and various Silicon Valley Startups. At KDI Ken is the chief systems architect and oversees all technical operations for the organization including sales engineering.

Doug Hofgartner

Executive Officer
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Doug Hofgartner is a founder and principal of KDI and currently leads KDI’s strategic efforts in business development, operations and company growth. Prior to starting KDI, Doug has held various positions at companies large and small. He managed an international operations team at Google responsible for video conference installations at new and existing Google offices. Prior to that, he managed the support team responsible for supporting Google’s workforce at their HQ in Mountain View. Before Google Doug held various sys admin positions, helping companies scale through automation and process improvements. Doug holds a BS in Computer Science from Mercy College.

Brittany Whitaker

Human Resources Manager
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Hi Everyone! I'm Brittany and I manage our fantastic Human Resource Team. In my 10 years of experience I have made it my mission to ensure that employees are well taken care of.  I am passionate about nurturing employee growth by equipping them with the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to perform exceptionally in the workplace. While specializing in benefits and compensation, I believe that a happy workplace equals a healthy company; and when employees know they are valued, they will give their all to ensure the company succeeds.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, exploring new places to eat and binge watching documentaries.

Troy Smith

SR Tech Ops Manager
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Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. Stay awhile and listen. My name is Troy and I’m an IT Operations Manager at KDI.

I’ve been organizing people and managing teams at KDI for about two and half years now and I’m excited to see where we’re all heading with our company and where we’re taking our clients as well. Prior to this I worked in the world of video game development and publishing and I leverage those skills picked there to instill a strong sense of community with IT teams and the clients we work with as well as promotion of an open door culture and an adaptable mindset. I started off my IT career working alongside friends out of college at a startup building and hosting servers for games like Minecraft. Along the way I picked up my MCSE cert and started working toward developing and maintaining company infrastructures when I got pulled into the gaming industry to help small startups get their IT up and running and a core foundation built around work. I’m a big believer in being adaptable to changing circumstances and KDI has given me the runway to assist clients with solutions that I think work best for them and never trying to force a solution upon anyone. That’s really opened myself and my team to finding creative solutions and exploring novel concepts to problems. I like to split my personal time between running Dungeons and Dragons games for people in the community and also getting physically fit.

Ishak Kang, CTS

Head of AV
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Ishak leads the nascent AV division of KDI with responsibility for all aspects of their clientele’s Unified Communications. He brings 25 years of experience in IT/AV and actively manages a wide variety of domains for his clients including global procurement and installation, lighting and shading, building information management, acoustics, speech privacy and sound masking, PA/VA systems, and remote monitoring. Previously, Ishak worked in the AV Channel at AVI Systems, IVCi and Thresher Communications where he held the roles of Program Management and Enterprise Sales. There, he led nationwide teams of project managers and lead techs for global enterprises such as SoftBank, Google and numerous other Tech companies. They all shared a similar characteristic of high volume and extremely fast turnaround times from design to implementation. More of a Tier4 problem-solver than salesperson, he managed up to $14m of annual AV business by acting as more of a partner than as a vendor for his customers. There, he learned that his most important skill was logistical planning and preparing all parties for what is expected and where they can turn for help when they need it. Working out of the SF Bay Area meant that he realized that the real challenges of successful AV projects were typically solved by proactive communication and preparation. Ishak enjoys drawing upon his past experience as a start-up entrepreneur, IT consultant, software developer, smart-retail designer, home theater installer, lighting designer, videographer, broadcast graphics artist, content marketing specialist, musician and singer. Ishak holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Denison University and serves as a Council Member and SME for the AV industry with GLG. He has previously held a Board position with the CEA’s Small Business Council, participated in drafting industry standards, and consulted with Consumer Electronics manufacturers.

Neil Sehra

Tech Ops Manager
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Hi I’m Neil,
TechOps Manager here at KDI. Originally from the British Isles residing in California, Bay Area with my beautiful wife and our 2 dogs.

I have over 10 years experience in helping support customers and their IT needs. Previously employed in public and private sector industries to help provide the best customer experience, I'm utilizing this previous experience and academia to help support KDI clientele in the ever evolving BioTech Space. In my short time here at KDI and on a daily basis, I find myself working with technically gifted and talented people through-out. That is what I genuinely enjoy about this team, facing the challenges together and not shying away from any project that a client may need or want. I believe the saying is “Team work makes the dream work”.

Being a true englishman - I love football, yes football not soccer how it is lovingly known on these shores. I follow my team Aston Villa avidly and have played the sport since I was a child. You will find me on the footy pitches on Saturday mornings at Golden Gate Park- reliving my youth! In my spare time - I enjoy the outdoors, cooking and taking on restoration projects or anything DIY. Interesting fact about me - I am a blue belt Kickboxer.