KDInfotech Desktop Support

The global pandemic reality has already transformed different spheres of our life. More and more people work remotely while the digital transformation is not going to wind down. It means that all the businesses require tech support including desktop support to ensure their hardware performs optimally. KDInfotech understands the necessity of provision responsive 24/7 support to end-users, so the company has already transformed its desktop support services into remote monitoring and maintenance.

The dedicated team of desktop support specialists provides daily end-user support and technology assessments online to meet safety measures in the conditions of the global pandemic. The post-COVID19 period requires remote tech support services and consulting, so KDInfotech provides proactive server monitoring and workstation maintenance in the remote mode.

Web-Based & Telephone Desktop Support Services  

KDInfotech has already been doing remote desktop support including entire work performance via web-based interaction with end-users and telephone consulting. Network monitoring and maintenance together with system updates are provided in remote mode by certified and experienced engineers. KDInfotech customers can count on the following remote desktop support services:

  • Hardware selection and consulting;
  • Maintenance of the office software and hardware;
  • New system deployments (software updates, antivirus, email support);
  • OS migrations and network performance monitoring;
  • Antivirus and anti-spyware software installations;
  • Updates and implementation of security patches.

If some IT issue takes place, the end-user should submit a request. The KDInfotech specialists get it via email or telephone call and provide timely desktop support services remotely. This way your IT infrastructure will run well and your workflows will perform optimally round the clock. Our desktop support specialists work in the 24/7 mode to do away with all possible issues and challenges your systems face.

The KDInfotech team aims to cut down productivity-killing downtime and support your desktop environment in the perfect condition. Our specialists will minimize vulnerabilities of your IT systems, simplify desktop upgrades, and solve issues that prevent smooth software rollouts.

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