How does the service works

At KDI we come across clients who have years and years of technical debt and deferred maintenance on the infrastructure. Don’t feel bad and don’t ignore it. Now is the time to make the move to a newer and better infrastructure. We have years of experience migrating clients from a 100% on-premise model to either a hybrid or purely cloud-based model.

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If you are still running an on-prem Exchange server now is the time to move over to O365. Maybe G Suite is a better fit overall? Give us a call and we will be happy to do a free consultation over the phone. We also offer a comprehensive audit and report program that you can use as a reference for finding a competent IT firm to handle your projects but obviously we are confident you will find KDI is the right choice. 

Are you moving to a new office or expanding? We have successfully relocated and expanded numerous clients. Our services range from project planning and oversight to build-outs and even the AV installation and configuration!