How does the service works

We were in the cloud before it was called the cloud. Our DevOps staff builds, automates, secures, and maintains your AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure infrastructure hosting your cloud servers and serverless resources. Your organization benefits from decades of knowledge and experience, with a much quicker on-boarding time. Our DevOps staff works closely with your software engineering and operations staff to make and keep your systems robust, secure, and trouble-free, your customers happy, and your developers productive.

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Case Studies

Energy Startup

  • Initial AWS Dev and Production setup for new startup
  • Migrate and consolidate DNS
  • Implement CI/CD using Bitbucket Pipelines
  • Complete Dockerized workflow and deployments
  • Data science Machine Learning application using AWS Lambda and Elastic Container Service Fargate
  • AWS Aurora database setup
  • 100% Terraform and Ansible Infrastructure-as-code

Biotech client

  • AWS administration for data science machine learning application with dozens of AWS accounts, hundreds of VMs, and custom workflow engine
  • Buildkite and Bazel administration for 15GB+ monorepo and complex build system
  • R-based data science workflow with rstudio-connect setup and administration
  • Custom JIRA/Confluence setup

Another Biotech Client

  • EKS and Kubernetes setup