The coronavirus reality and post-COVID19 times dictate their own rules and have already transformed the way of our collaboration and team connection into a remote one. More and more companies need video conferencing solutions to implement in their businesses to provide high-grade communications in the conditions of modern times.

AV video conferencing guarantees qualitative face-to-face interactions for different meetings (local, international, other types of conferences). KDInfotech offers one conferencing system that includes multiple AV services important for your office environment. This software is easy to maintain and customize according to the individual business requirements.

KDInfotech Solutions

Our company provides consultations, designs, develops, installs, and implements out-of-the-box AV facilities to expand our customers’ video conferencing capabilities. The last year was a demonstrative one when more and more business representatives required the audio-visual systems for their communicative purposes. Our team integrated dozens of video conferencing systems that are notable with their:

  • Nationwide coverage;
  • Cohesive control properties for AV configurations;
  • Intuitive user interface and conferencing operations;
  • Remote end-user training;
  • International conferencing rooms;
  • Component integration for better AV performance.

KDInfotech is responsible for the creation of unique conferencing systems that meet any business demands. All available conferencing and AV services are provided in the form of ready-to-use software that is successfully implemented to the clients’ hardware. 

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