“KDI’s Talent Team knows that the quality of service we can offer to our clients starts with the quality of our recruiting process. Through our interviewing process we can meet our clients needs by acquiring some of the best talent on the market.” 

Quality at KDI means to care about our client needs and find candidates that demonstrate those needs in their background history, current role, and future goals. We are always striving to align talent to the best possible opportunity in our company. We are consistently adding critical skill sets to the team to make the team more efficient and effective. We listen, we perform, and we deliver. 

In the recruitment process we demonstrate quality by thoroughly vetting talent for our technical and cultural needs, critically being decisive, and providing transparency in the process.Throughout the entire process our Talent and Client is receiving quality service. It does not matter if the Talent is a fit or not for the position being recruited for we strive to provide a positive interviewing experience by truly understanding their needs, keeping them informed throughout the process, keeping in touch post completion of interviews whether hired or not. From the beginning we build a relationship and we foster that by constant touch points even after the candidate has completed the interviewing process for current or possible future opportunities. 

We build relationships with our clients and their environments by meeting with their teams and understanding their department's objectives.  From there it becomes easier to conduct intake meetings and determine which talent attributes will meet their needs and assimilate into their environment the quickest and most effectively. On a weekly basis conduct resume review and provide real time feedback on market availability. 

KDI’s talent department offers an open door policy with all of our potential recruits and team members. You are always welcome to share anything that will help you navigate your career further without having to worry about it impacting your current standing. Timely feedback and salary negotiations also keep us at the top as we work very hard to make sure our offer or feedback betters your job search and or lifestyle.

Attracting talent to us means showing value to our candidates. We show value by putting legitimate interest in their background and only approaching them with opportunities that will benefit their growth. We collaborate with subject matter experts to define what they are looking for in a position. When we have a clear understanding of not only the role but the soft/technical skills a candidate needs to possess we can accurately attract and identify quality talent. We retain our talent by fostering them to be the best at what they are currently doing and providing them with necessary information to further their career at KDI. If we are not able to provide the growth at KDI, we are and will always support our talents growth endeavors. 

We are grateful for our candidates' interest in becoming a part of KDI and hold their feedback very near to our improvement process. On a weekly basis we send feedback surveys to our candidates in play to hear what they have to say. Hearing their feedback allows us to refine our process better and gives us the opportunity to show our interviewers how they are doing which results in improvement based training. Because our candidates result in becoming our team member we also involve our team members to participate in continuous improvement of our process. Some candidates have no complaints and some do, and we appreciate every single one as it pushes us to grow and become better than yesterday.

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