We had the opportunity to check in with one of our fellow DevOps Administrators, Peter, get their insight perspective on what brought him on this tech journey, what a DevOps Admin means to him, how he has grown from previous experiences and some advice to anyone wanting to join KDInfotech. Check out his journey:

I started out as a Network Engineer working at small internet providers where I was the lead administrator of all Routing, Switching, and Linux servers. I took multiple unreliable networks ranging from 500-5,000 customers and completely routed out the networks with OSPF as well as added multiple upstream providers load balanced with BGP.

Another key factor in the success of those networks was linux service integrations such as integrating radius(auto customer billing shutoff/re-enablement), DNS, DHCP, IPAM, and HA hypervisor environments which is what led me into my position, DevOps Administrator at KDI.

A DevOps Engineer, Build Engineer, and Reliability Engineer(SRE) are almost the same position with a lot of confusion between them. To me DevOps means creating really good abstraction layers around hardware deployments to get as close as possible to cloud like infrastructure on premise. This allows our core development teams to consume on premise infrastructure in as efficient a way as possible while at the same time hardening the infrastructure for security and reliability.

Network Engineering was a great background to have that has allowed me to focus on the support and deployment automation of our linux infrastructure. When I started at KDI I would have never imagined I would be leading large computer and storage clusters deployments. High level IT tasks are unyielding and require constant education. If you are willing to put in the hard work these positions can be very rewarding. One thing I love about KDI is the team support is amazing and all the tools are at your fingertips as long as you are willing to ask.

Attaining someone's perspective on their overall journey can be so beneficial, it creates a sense of community and relating to one another creates a bond you may never know you could have. If Peter hadn’t gone on this journey he would have pursued his passion of flying and became a pilot. What a shift in journey for him!

We are glad to have you on the team Peter; we value all the knowledge, support and amazing energy you bring to the team. From KDInfotech Thank you!

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